The Author

My name is Khaled Ali, despite that sport is not my profession, but it’s my favorite hobby. I’ve dedicated a lot of time in my life playing and searching about different types of martial arts. Since I was young, I’m crazy about all the sports that related to fighting. The most important time in my life is while watching any kind of these competitions.
I used to go through the internet to many websites searching for news and videos related to many kinds of fight sports. but most of the websites were focusing on one or few sports. So I decided to make use of my habit of keeping myself up to date with the fight sports news and create this blog. To be a community and source for all who like the fight sports.



To be the most popular internet community and hub for the fight sports fans. Which containing whatever they want to know about the fight sports.


You will find here and in the linked social media accounts, very excited content related to martial arts. I mean the real martial arts (Boxing, MMA, Judo, Sambo, Sanshou, Mai Thai, Wrestling, etc) not the TV shows (WWE!).
you’ll read about fighters biographies, the upcoming matches and what behind the scenes, historical information, and interesting videos. we’ll speak together as well about what’s going on in the martial arts world.

Briefly, If you’re a player, captain, or fan of any kind of the fight sports, Fights Hub is the right place for you!